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PMC Process DiagramGeneral Contracting:

PMC offers all the traditional delivery methods for contracting services; hard-bid, negotiated, design-build, construction management, and CM/GC. PMC self-performs mechanical, piping, and structural steel and our subcontract management program, offers our clients complete risk management.


PMC has provided design-build services on a variety of projects in the geothermal industry. PMC has the ability to evaluate constructability and provide engineering support throughout the planning and construction phase of a project.


PMC’s extensive vendor data base and ongoing vendor relationships provide opportunity for the best in competitive pricing and delivery. Our experience with fast-track and deadline driven schedules has instilled an “on time” delivery philosophy on every project.

Vessel Fabrication

PMC has over 10+ years’ experience in the modification, replacement, and fabrication of ASME code and non-code presser vessels, containment vessels, and tanks.


PMC provides a wide range of maintenance, general services, and capital improvements to a growing and existing client base. Our list of repeat customers is a tribute to our commitment to schedule, safety, and budget.

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