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Renewable energy benefits are numerous

HOLTVILLE — San Diego resident Rick Jarret came to the fifth annual Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit & Expo on Wednesday “just to check things out.” Jarret is retired and considering “different opportunities for investing,” he said. And it’s investors like Jarret and renewable energy developers who surely benefitted from … Continue reading

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Underground Milestones, Imperial Valley Progress and More

SDG&E is making steady construction gains on the Sunrise Powerlink during the summer of 2011. The Sunrise Powerlink team and its contractors are currently in the field working on various aspects of the new transmission line and have reached several important milestones. Significant progress continues to be made on 6.2-mile … Continue reading

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Energizing Southern California’s Economy

The Economic Benefits and Potential for Geothermal Energy in Southern California Geothermal energy continues to be a major provider of renewable energy to California. As the state looks forward to a future of expanded renewable energy production, geothermal energy will remain a critical part of California’s energy mix. Geothermal resources … Continue reading

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49 megawatt geothermal power plant breaks ground

The Energy Source Hudson Ranch I geothermal plant near Niland will reach completion in early 2012 and produce 49 megawatts of electricity for the Phoenix area. Dave Watson, president of Energy Source, said the plant relies on geothermal sources underground and is not subject to increasing energy costs. “It can … Continue reading

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Hudson Ranch 1: Build then bond

EnergySource, a consortium of Catalyst REnewables, Hannon Armstrong and GeoGlobal Energy, closed the debt financing for the $401.3 million Hudson Ranch I geothermal power project on 13 May 2010. The project is progressing well and on budget with drilling underway on the third production well. As the first utility-scale US … Continue reading

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